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Rasanter WEA-Zubau in der BRD und besonders in SH - Immer wieder tauchen neue Zahlen in der Berichterstattung auf

Dabei ergeben unsere Recherchen regelmäßig, dass die Bestandszahlen stark variieren, je nach Informationsquelle. Die Gründe können vielfältig sein, von schlechter, zumindest schleppender Datenpflege, über unterschiedliche Zeitpunkte zur Erhebung, bis zu unterschiedlichen Interessenlagen.

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Weitere Windkraftanlagen im Saarland – eine Katastrophe für Mensch und Natur



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Schleswig-Holstein - Dutzende von Anwohnern von WEA in Silberstedt, Treia und Umgebung sind erkrankt.

WEA-Anwohner: Die Rotoren machen uns krank


Geopferte Landschaften

Das Buch mit Beiträgen von 18 Autoren aus unterschiedlichen umweltrelevanten Disziplinen ist eine eindrucksvolle Abrechnung mit der im Namen der Energiewende fortschreitenden Industrialisierung, der zum angeblichen Schutz der Atmosphäre immer mehr Teile der Biosphäre geopfert werden.

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Umweltministerin Hendricks und das Tötungsverbot im Bundesnaturschutzgesetz

Artenschutz soll der Windkraft noch öfter zum Opfer fallen
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Wie wirkt Schall den man nicht hören kann?


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über den Irrsinn Windenergie

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Auslegung des Online-Windkraft-Atlas für SH
Onlinebeteiligung ab sofort bis Ende Juni 2017

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Achtung in Mittelhessen - Auslegung der Unterlagen

Einsichtnahme für Projekt Buhlenberg & Siegfriedeiche
vom 2. Januar 2017 bis zum 1. Februar 2017
Schriftliche Einwendungen gegen das Vorhaben bis zum 15. Februar 2017!

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Die unzulänglichen Karten der Landesregierung sind für Einwendungen im Rahmen der Regionalplanung Teilfortschreibung Wind nicht geeignet.
Nutzen Sie daher die hervorragend aufgearbeitete Karte von H. Diedrich. http://arcg.is/1MRWx20 


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Vent de colère - Frankreich  

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Verfassungsbeschwerde - Spendenaufruf

Der Regionalverband Taunus e.V. bringt die Windkraft vor das Bundesverfassungsgericht.
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EPAW / NAPAW Pressemitteilung


NAPAW          epaw                

EU governments did not do their homework on wind energy

It now appears that wind farms may have no benefits at all

According to the European Platform Against Wind Farms (EPAW), which represents over 500 associations from 23 countries, the National Renewable Energy Action Plans adopted by EU States in June 2010 have failed to answer two essential questions: how much will be saved in greenhouse gas emissions by the EU target of 20% renewable energy by 2020, and how much will it cost Society to implement this policy (1). The Platform argues that it is a violation of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe's Aarhus Convention on Human and Environmental Rights, which is a mandatory part of EU law. (2)

From a political point of view, remarks EPAW, it is nothing short of irresponsible that billions upon billions of euros of public money would be spent on “green investments” without first conducting feasibility studies showing the expected results in terms of CO2 saved. “After all”, says its CEO Mark Duchamp, "using less fossil fuels is the whole purpose of this pharaonic investment which, on the negative side, destroys 2 - 5 jobs for everyone it creates (3), stalls the recovery of the EU economy, threatens the existence of the euro, destroys the tourism potential of countless natural and cultural assets, causes losses in property value in the billions of euros, affects the health of wind farm neighbours (noise + infrasounds), is driving many species of birds and bats to extinction, etc."

What is happening now, according to EPAW, is that the public is slowly awakening to the fact that wind farms may not be saving anything at all in terms of fossil fuels burnt and CO2 emitted. That's mainly because the wind farms' erratic production force fossil-fuel power plants, which are needed to back them up when wind is not optimal, to spend much more fuel working in stop-and-go mode - much like a car in city traffic as opposed to highway. "As a matter of fact", recalls Duchamp, "in 2010 the Spanish government paid a little over 1 billion euros to these plants, to compensate them for the impact of wind and solar on their operation."
The Platform draws attention to "the Bentek report" (4), which shows that wind farms, when increased emissions from back-up plants are considered, save much less CO2 and other gasses than what is claimed by the wind industry, governments, and green activists. Says Mark: "if you deduct from this much smaller quantity of savings the additional emissions caused by fossil fuels burnt to manufacture, transport, install, and maintain wind turbines and their power lines; if you consider that these come on top of fossil fuels burnt to build gas-fired or coal-fired power plants to regulate and back up the erratic and unreliable production of wind energy; if you deduct the CO2 released into the atmosphere by the oxidisation of peat in countries like the UK or Ireland; if you also deduct lost CO2 savings resulting from the vast quantities of natural carbon sinks (peat, forests, vegetation in general) that are being destroyed by the large footprint of wind farms; if you deduct the transmission loss of electricity produced far away from where it is consumed (about 9%); if you deduct all this from the meager savings evidenced by the Bentek study, then it is quite possible that the overall savings in CO2 and other gasses may in fact be negative - i.e. wind farms would cause overall use of fossil fuels, and CO2 emissions, to increase by a few percentage points. Indeed, a European study by Dr Udo concludes on this possibility (5)."

It is noteworthy, stresses EPAW, that the massive build-up of wind farms in countries like Denmark or Germany has not caused any measurable reduction in CO2 emissions or use of fossil fuels. In Europe, the Irish grid operator EIRGRID shows on its website real data on wind energy production and CO2 emissions, from which similar observations may be drawn. Dr Fred Udo, a distinguished engineer from CERN in Geneva, now retired, did a study based on Eirgrid data. His conclusions put in doubt the very usefulness of wind energy (5).

The North American Platform Against Windpower (NA-PAW) coincides. "In North America" comments her CEO, Sherri Lange, "studies on the efficacy of wind energy are notoriously absent from policy documents on that form of energy. As in other matters, our governments blindly follow influential lobbies, in this case Green Activism and Big Wind. This is not a proper way to determine policy."


Mark Duchamp     +34 693 643 736   (Spain)   Skype: mark.duchamp  
CEO, EPAW     www.epaw.org
Sherri Lange       +1 416 567 5115 (Canada) 
CEO, NA-PAW   www.na-paw.org

(1) - EU National Renewable Energy Action Plans: 19 of the 27 countries have left in blank the assessment of estimated costs and benefits of their renewable energy policy support measures, including expected GHG reduction and job creation (Article 5.3). The others have been fudging the issue.

Here is the case of Belgium: 
"No such assessment was carried out in the framework of this plan."

And the case of Scotland:" Table 4.1 lists those environmental topics for which data has not been practical to obtain and provides a summary of the approach taken to address the issue.
Box 4.1 SEA Objectives
- Biodiversity, fauna and flora: Avoids damage to, and seek to enhance, designated sites and protected species?
- Conserves and enhances Scotland's natural heritage?
- Population: Safeguards or enhances the living environments of communities?
- Protects the noise environment of communities?
- Human health: Has no adverse impact on human health?
- Soil: Protects or enhances the quality of soils?
- Water: Protects the water environment?
- Air: Reduces pollution or emissions to air generated by the energy sector and protects air quality?
- Climate factors: Reduces emissions of greenhouse gases, including CO2?
- Material assets: Reduces the proportion of wastes disposed of to landfill?
- Protects Scotland's assets of economic and recreational value, including those of importance for the tourism industry?
- Reduces/minimises the use of natural resources in the energy sector?
- Cultural heritage: Protects, conserves and enhances, where appropriate, Scotland's historic environment (including the setting of listed buildings and Scheduled Ancient Monuments)?
- Landscape: Respects and protects the character, diversity and special qualities of Scotland's landscape?"

In the words of Pat Swords, Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers and a Chartered Environmentalist: "All that expenditure and impact on the landscape and biodiversity for a question mark!"
(2) - Pat Swords takes the EU energy plan to the UNECE Compliance Committee for violations under the Aarhus Convention http://live.unece.org/fileadmin/DAM/env/pp/compliance/C2010-54/Correspondence%20with%20communicant/toCommC54_invitation2discussion.pdf
Next step in the procedure is to take place in December 2011.

(3) - Green jobs destroy other jobs: http://brunoleonimedia.servingfreedom.net/WP/WP-Green_Jobs-May2010.pdf



(4) - The Bentek Report: "The research in this report, however, suggests that wind energy, as it has so far been developed by PSCO in Colorado and by numerous utilities in ERCOT, has had minimal, if any, impact on CO2, yet has lead to a significant increase in SO2 and NOX".

(5) - The (Dr) Fred Udo study: "The consequence is that an investment of billions of Euros in wind turbines produces not more than a few per cent reduction in CO 2 output.
This analysis does not take into account the energy necessary to ramp the conventional generators up and down nor the energy to build wind turbines nor the extra transmission lines with their additional losses.
It is highly probable, that taking all these effects into account will show, that the few per cent gain in CO 2 will revert to a loss (i.e. an increase in CO 2 )."

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Die Verleumdungsversuche aus den Reihen der Windenergie-Profiteure werden auch durch ständige Wiederholung nicht wahrer:

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Man sollte immer auf alte Männer hören  

  • 220px-JosephPulitzerPinceNeznpsgovEs gibt kein Verbrechen, keinen Kniff, keinen Trick, keinen Schwindel, kein Laster, das nicht von Geheimhaltung lebt. Bringt diese Heimlichkeiten ans Tageslicht, beschreibt sie, macht sie vor aller Augen lächerlich. Und früher oder später wird die öffentliche Meinung sie hinwegfegen. Bekannt machen allein genügt vielleicht nicht – aber es ist das einzige Mittel, ohne das alle anderen versagen

    Josef Pulitzer (1847 - 1911)

  • 200px-Richard Wagner by Caesar Willich ca 1862Sandwike ist's, genau kenn ich die Bucht.
    Verwünscht! Schon sah am Ufer ich mein Haus,
    Senta, mein Kind, glaubt ich schon zu umarmen: -
    da bläst es aus dem Teufelsloch heraus ...
    Wer baut auf Wind, baut auf Satans Erbarmen!

    Richard Wagner (1813 - 1883)  - Der fliegende Holländer

  • gandhi-mahatma

    „Zuerst ignorieren sie dich,
    dann lachen sie über dich,
    dann bekämpfen sie dich und dann gewinnst du.“
    Mahatma Gandhi (1869 - 1948)

  • th128---ffffff--wilhelm busch.jpgAus der Mühle schaut der Müller, Der so gerne mahlen will.
    Stiller wird der Wind und stiller, Und die Mühle stehet still.
    So gehts immer, wie ich finde,
    Rief der Müller voller Zorn.
    Hat man Korn, so fehlts am Winde, Hat man Wind, so fehlt das Korn.

    Wilhelm Busch (1832 - 1908)





"Kulturelle Barbarei"
"Es ist doch pervers, wenn man, um die Umwelt zu schützen, den CO2-Ausstoß steigert und die Landschaft zerstört."

Oskar Lafontaine in der Saarbrücker Zeitung am 31.10.2013

"Man has the fundamental right to freedom, equality and adequate conditions of life, in an environment of a quality that permits a life of dignity and well-being, and he bears a solemn responsibility to protect and improve the environment for present and future generations."

Declaration of the UN Conference on the Human Environment

"Früher war Energiearmut ein Randphänomen, mittlerweile ist es ein Alltagsproblem."

Volker Hatje, Elmshorner Stadtrat

„Alternative Energiegewinnung ist unsinnig, wenn sie genau das zerstört, was man eigentlich durch sie bewahren will: Die Natur“

Reinhold Messner, 2002

"Der Ausbau regenerativer Energien kommt vor Umweltschutz"

Winfried Kretschmann, grüner Ministerpräsident von Baden-Württemberg, auf der Verbandsversammlung des Gemeindetages in BW

"Ihr müsst schon sehr gute Argumente liefern, wenn wir sie nicht bei euch vor die Haustür setzen sollen. Dann bauen wir sie woanders hin. Aber bauen werden wir sie. Warum? Weil das Gemeinwohl es gebietet."

Winfried Kretschmann (MP Baden-Württemberg) über seine Windwahnphantasien

For us, the world was full of beauty; for the other, it was a place to be endured until he went to another world. But we were wise. We knew that man's heart, away from nature, becomes hard.

Chief Luther Standing Bear (1868-1939)

"Eines Tages wird der Mensch den Lärm genauso bekämpfen müssen wie Cholera und Pest."

Robert Koch (1843-1910)

"Ich bin für Naturschutz und Energiewende verantwortlich und kann deshalb klar sagen, dass die Energiewende nicht am Naturschutz scheitern wird."

Robert Habeck, Energiewendeminister S-H am 20.08.2012 im WELT-Interview

Keine Lüge kann grob genug ersonnen werden: die Deutschen glauben sie. Um eine Parole, die man ihnen gab, verfolgten sie ihre Landsleute mit größerer Erbitterung als ihre wirklichen Feinde."
Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821)

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